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Hey everybody! I know that I never update my website. I am truly sorry about that. Life just seems to never give me enough time to do such things anymore.

Michelle just recently finished her masters degree and is really pumped to be done now! She ended up getting a 4.0 in her studies!!! Congratulations Michelle, you worked your butt off!

Has it really been almost 3 years since we got our house? Just recently we were able to refinance our home at a much more competitive interest rate which is really helping us out. It is located in the new development on the west side of Casper Wyoming called River Vista. Michelle and I really love it! It is nice to finally have a place to put all of our stuff and have a home for Shadow.

  Nathan and Michelle Long

As you might have heard, Michelle and I are married now. In fact, nearly 4 years now!!! Each and every day is a constant reminder of how much we compliment each other and how much we really do complete each other. I thank God often for our chance meeting in Gillette. Or was it chance at all? I’m sure it must have been God’s plan all along but I have sure taken a windy path to get were I am today while in my 30s.. Just simply crazy!

Oh how I wish I could have had this much knowledge and hindsight when I was only 5 years old. Of course that might have cut my childhood short but I think that would have been alright. Life is two short to not put childish desires away sooner than usual.

I have been working at RMCS for the last 2.5 years, which replaced my old job at Next Step. I really hated leaving Next Step but had to pay the billls. I miss doing design work to this day. Michelle has also taken a new job with NCSD. She to misses her old job at the Science Zone very much, but her new job is less stressful and pays more so it is a good trade.


For the last couple of years I have been working in Web Design and Graphic Design. Just so you know this website is 10 years outdated and not an example of what I am really capable of creating. I have created several websites at my old job that I am proud of including, WyHy.org, WyoCarpenters.org, HireReturn.com, & ParadiseValleyCCWyo.com. Also check out NathanLongDesign.com which shows some of my design work.

Even though I am horrible at updating my website Michelle has a blog at xanga.com/ChelleKoryn, pictures at flickr.com/photos/ChelleKoryn, and a MySpace at myspace.com/ChelleKoryn. Chelle is very faithful to update her blog and flicker. Speaking of MySpace, I have one as well at myspace.com/Nathlio, not that I ever go there and update it. Also, I built a little website for Michelle at ChelleKoryn.com but don’t expect it to be updated anytime soon. I have created a navigation structure for it yet so it is un-updateable.

Oh, and we are both on facebook now. This is where we spend most of our online time now!

Places I have been too!

Places my wife has been too!

Places we have been to together!

Click here or on the Photo below to see pics
of our Korea Trip that Liberty Baptist Church went on
back in 2001.  Enjoy!!!


Congratulations Daniel Uptain for becoming a soldier of the United States of America!!!
Go Dan!!!


Click here or on the Photo below to see pics
of my 2003 Bighorn Hike.


Click here or on the Photo below to see pics
of my 2002 Bighorn Hike.


Click here or on the Photo below to see pics
of Dan and Nate's Wind River Hike 2003.


Click here or on the Photo below to see pics
of our UK and Ireland Trip that Liberty Baptist Church went on.

What's New

I know I haven't updated in a while but they are coming, I have great
Pictures from our Italy trip as well as other trips and adventures sush as our
Jaskson Hole Bordin adventure. Stay tuned in.

7/8/2006 Created a new website for Michelle Miller my soon to be wife at ChelleKoryn.com.

6/28/2006 I added some more Pictures to My Friends page.

5/10/2006 I added quite a few new  links to my links page!!!


        I use this site primarily to display pictures I have taken in the Mountains of Wyoming and the different trips I have taken around the world.  I also don't keep an active bookmark or favorites page at home and work.  Instead, I keep them on my website so no matter wherever I am I can just go to my website and have them all with me.  You can check them out at my Links page.  Don't forget to sign my Guestbook.

        I'm currently working at Next Step Design Solutions as a Web Designer.  I received my Associates Degree in Computer Science in 2002 from Casper College. In 2007 I will receive my Bachelors Degree in Visual Communication / Digital Design Computer Science Degree Thanks for stopping by!!!

This is where I work!!!

Contact Info

Here's my E-Mail address: webmaster@nathlio.com
Send me an e-mail if you want to.

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